[Limited Time][FREE]Modeled on the infamously abrasive MS-20 synthesizer, Arturia “Filter MS-20” is available for free

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Modeled on the infamously abrasive MS-20 synthesizer, Arturia “Filter MS-20” is available for free.


Filter MS-20

Punchy Sound Energizer

Filter MS-20 is a stereo filter and distortion effect modeled on the infamously abrasive MS-20 synthesizer.

Pump destructive crunch, roaring filter sweeps, and ultra-fat stereo depth into your mixes with an audio plugin that’ll make anything sound massive.

Make anything sound massive

Turn any sound into huge, colorful, unstoppable textures and timbres that’ll give your DAW production the edge you’ve been looking for.

Filter MS-20 extracts the sonic character from an iconic instrument, distilling and enhancing it into a go-to effect for creative mixing and radical sound exploration.

Punchy filter, edgy distortion

From soft rubbery bass to howling resonant sweeps, subtle fuzz to outright destruction, sculpt your sounds with the grainy filter sweeps, crushing bass, and abrasive distortion that put Filter MS-20’s namesake synth on the map, courtesy of our TAE® technology.

Push it further

Set Filter MS-20 loose into your mix and savor wild, exciting results.

Modulate and animate its virtual circuitry, reroute its filter and distortion sections, and explode the stereo width of any sound with an array of enhanced modern features.

Simple to use

Fire up Filter MS-20 and enjoy its gritty, addictive sound immediately with a knob-per-function interface, macro-style controls for quick sweeping changes to your mix, and deep sound design controls just a click away.

  • Emulated stereo analog filter and distortion effect
  • Circuit-accurate modeling with exclusive TAE® technology
  • Resonant Low Pass, High Pass modes
  • Master Cutoff for Band Pass-style functionality
  • Stereo offset for widening filtered sounds
  • ESP distortion circuit with input filtering
  • Switchable routing (Distortion > Filter, Filter > Distortion)
  • Output Mix and Level controls
  • Envelope Follower
  • Function Generator
  • 16-Step Sequencer
  • Movement macro for attenuating/boosting modulation
  • A/B comparison

Filter MS-20

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