A faithful emulation of a uniquely modified 1176, Pulsar Audio “Smasher” is 48% OFF

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A faithful emulation of a uniquely modified 1176, Pulsar Audio “Smasher” is 48% OFF.



This is an extreme compressor modeled after the “British mode” (pressing all four RATIO buttons) of the 1176 compressor.

Topology Preservation Technology

Pulsar’s proprietary modelling technology guarantees a perfect emulation of the original 1176’s behaviour. From the saturation of the magnetic flux in the inductors to the precise response of the transistors and the tiny calibration effects, everything is perfectly reproduced.

Low CPU Consumption

Pulsar have spent ages optimizing Smasher to consume as few system resources as possible while keeping the same complex sonic results. Smasher takes full advantage of modern CPUs to do more with less but also allows oversampling at rates up to 384kHz.

Parallel Compression

Smasher’s Mix knob lets you blend in the original unprocessed signal. This means that you can really squash the transients with extreme compression, then bring back just a hint of the processed signal to add sustain to a sound without compromising its dynamic qualities.

Linked Sidechain

On a stereo bus, channels are usually compressed independently to get smoother control of dynamics… but when you’re compressing audio more brutally, it’s essential to keep the stereo image stable. That’s why Smasher uses a single detector to process a stereo track.

Optimized for low CPU usage.

Regular price $53.9 on sale for only $27.5.

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