Based on the famous sounds of Techno-Pop from the 90s, BeatSkillz “Tekno Keyz” is 81% OFF

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Based on the famous sounds of Techno-Pop from the 90s, BeatSkillz “Tekno Keyz” is 81% OFF.


Tekno Keyz

This plugin brings sounds inspired by the works of famous acts such as Technotronic, 2 Unlimited, Snap, La Boutche, Dr. Alban, KLF, and others.

Presets and sample maps include categories such as stabs, anthem melody lines, big synths, huge basses, fx, risers, drops, arpeggiated basslines, and even drum kits ready to load and play.

An extensive synthesis engine adds another level of sound design available for the user to sculpt their own patches or edit the factory sounds.

A huge multi-fx engine and arpeggiator further powers the dream sound of this plugin.

  • 200 Factory presets
  • Multi-sample maps including – 19 bass maps, 21 stab maps, 11 dance organ maps, 16 drum kit maps, 6 multisample fx maps, 6 guitar maps, 24 keys maps, 17 orchestral sounds maps, 17 synth maps, 13 vox maps
  • 2 Multisample maps engines A and B can be layered or split on the keyboard with automatic assignment via MIDI
  • Right-click MIDI mappable controls
  • Easily place the content on any internal or external drive
  • Dual sound map Engine A and B
  • Amp envelope
  • Filter envelope
  • Pitch envelope 
  • 3 Tempo-synced LFOs for filter, volume, and pitch
  • Analog modelled ladder filter – LP, HP, and BP modes 12/24 dB/oct slopes
  • Cutoff and resonance controls
  • Pitch transpose and tune
  • Portamento (glide) with rate parameter
  • Velocity to volume curve adjustment & velocity to filter cutoff curve adjustment
  • Key range – assignable (via MIDI as well) for both engines A & B
  • 32 Step tempo-synced arpeggiator with velocity, note length and pitch modulation
  • Save and load arp patterns
  • Step increment, swing, and other features available for arp
  • 9 Swappable effects – reverb, chorus/flanger, phaser, 4 band EQ, compressor, bit crusher, delay, saturator, stereo expander

Regular price $86.9 on sale for only $16.5.

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