Focuses on recreating tape artefacts in a controlled way, Denise Audio “Bad Tape 2” is 50% OFF

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Focuses on recreating tape artefacts in a controlled way, Denise Audio “Bad Tape 2” is 50% OFF.


Bad Tape 2

Did It Get Even Worse?

The Bad Tape plugin by denise was bad. It remains one of denise’s most popular plugins to date.

Bad Tape focuses on recreating tape artefacts in a controlled way: tape stops, slight slow-downs and speed-ups, and multiple ways to go out of tune and off the grid.

Now, three years after the initial release, denise wanted to take the Bad Tape to the next level, giving you more FX and a new level of flexibility to shape the tape degradation of your sound.

With the Bad Tape 2, it gets even worse!


  • Next level Detune – Slow down the tape in real-time, as if you would press your finger on the tape reel.
  • Sidechain – The side-chain allows you to trigger the effects via an external audio source. The amount can be set individually for each of the effects for endless combinations and sounds.
  • Push-Pull Graph – The push-pull graph lets you have complete control over the frequencies that are going to be saturated. Automate it to create organically changing tape-saturation and create steep curves for screaming resonances.
  • Harm – Introduce failing tape artefacts from subtle to extreme tape degradation.
  • Four Effects – Phaser, Doubler, Resonator & Magnet.
  • Squeal & Noize – Add old tape machine noises for character and vibe.
  • Colour – Adjust the overall colour of the sound analog to different tape materials.
  • Speed – Adjust the speed of the wow and shake effects to easily create interesting variations.
  • Saturation – Saturate your tracks for that good old vintage tape sound. Warm and smooth character due to hysteresis emulation.
  • Presets – Comes with presets for synth, drums, bass and classic tape-style effects.
  • More Benefits – Low CPU usage, works offline, has oversampling, host syncing, native M1 support and works without dongles or complex licence managers. As always with denise plugins, the philosophy is: buy once, own forever. No subscription, no ongoing payments.

Regular price $64.9 on sale for only $31.9.

Bad Tape 2 ( Plugin Boutique )

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