The saturation plugin, W.A.Production “Punchy Worm” is 50% OFF

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The saturation plugin, W.A.Production “Punchy Worm” is 50% OFF.


Punchy Worm

At W.A. Production they’re serious about music and over the last few years, they’ve created many top-quality plugins with finely tuned controls and pro studio features. But sometimes they just like to go a bit crazy…
Presenting “Punchy Worm”, the only one-knob punch powerhouse featuring a dancing worm! This little dude can keep your beats bouncing and synths saturated as long as you keep feeding him audio apples. He’ll head-bang along with your track whilst shaping transients and adding harmonics. Why did they add a wobbly worm to their latest plugin?… They can’t really answer that with a straight face, but in these serious times, why not?!

It is a plug-in that makes a warm and punchy sound with simplicity of operation.

  • Dancing worm!
  • One-knob punch and saturation processing.
  • In / Out controls for accurate A/Bing.
  • Bypass toggle.
  • Up to x4 oversampling to reduce aliasing noise.
  • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video.

Regular price $21.89 on sale for only $8.76.

Punchy Worm ( W.A.Production )

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