A versatile effect that can spread to every corner of your mix, Soundtoys “EchoBoy” is 65% OFF

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A versatile effect that can spread to every corner of your mix, Soundtoys “EchoBoy” is 65% OFF.



At Soundtoys we are more than a little obsessed with delay effects, and EchoBoy is the ultimate realization of that obsession.

It wraps decades of echo device history and new forward-thinking features into one versatile effect that will find its way into every corner of your mixes.

You’ll find an echo tone that fits your mix easily by choosing one of the 30 built-in styles modeled on vintage gear.

Get instant access to a whole range of classic echo box tones, including EchoPlex, Space Echo, Memory Man, DM-2, and the TelRay oil can delay.

We designed EchoBoy with musicians in mind, and we’ve made it easy to get expressive, musical echo effects quickly.

Just dial in a musical note value and lock it to your song’s tempo with the flip of a switch.

But the real magic happens when you fine-tune the echo’s rhythm with the Groove, Feel and Accent controls.

Create echoes that rush or drag against the beat. Add some shuffle or swing to match the groove of your song.

EchoBoy is the only delay effect that gives you this level of musical groove control.

  • Choose from 30 different echo styles: Echoplex, Space Echo, Memory Man, DM-2, and many more
  • Warm up vocals with high-end tape sound modeled on the Ampex ATR-102
  • Control saturation, tape flutter and diffusion for strikingly analog-sounding effects
  • Create rich stereo delays with Dual and Ping-Pong modes
  • Adjust shuffle, swing and accent. The only echo with true “groove”
  • Design one-of-a-kind rhythmic delay effects using Rhythm Echo mode

Regular price $199 on sale for only $69.

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