2000’s Metalcore Drum Tone, Ugritone “Dieswitch Drums” is 83% OFF

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2000’s Metalcore Drum Tone, Ugritone “Dieswitch Drums” is 83% OFF.


Dieswitch Drums

Dieswitch Drums is a Drum Sample Library designed to cater the Drum tone of 2000’s Metalcore/Metal & Hardcore and can be tweaked to tackle the 2000’s Emo/Screamo & Punk drum tones as well.

Whether your drum tones need just a bit more size & weight in there or if the song doesn’t quite sound focused enough – Dieswitch Drums can help you shape your tone.

  • Ugritone Drums VST/AU/AAX Player Plugin
  • Installer for Ugritone Drums + Sample Data
  • 1 Snares, 1 Kick, 1 Full Set of Toms, 10 cymbals (Hihat, Crashes, Chinas, Splashes, Stacks, Ride)
  • ~290Mb Download Size
  • Drums Engineered by: Ron D. Rock @ New Soundstakk Studios, Windsor, ON
  • Drums Performed by: Ron D. Rock

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Dieswitch Drums ( Ugritone )

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