Bundled with 10 best-selling cinematic sample packs, W.A.Production “Cinematic Bundle 10 For 10” is 95% OFF

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Bundled with 10 best-selling cinematic sample packs, W.A.Production “Cinematic Bundle 10 For 10” is 95% OFF.


Cinematic Bundle 10 For 10

Robotic & Transformers FX

Cinematic SciFi and Technologic sounds require the most expert-level sound design techniques. Luckily for you, W.A. Production’s team of professionals is here to help!

What About: Robotic & Transformers FX contains more than 300 mind-bending sounds that will feel at home in any major action flick.

Thundering Impacts, squelching Mutations, metallic Mechanics, and transformative transition FX are just some of the many sounds you’ll hear in this pack.

Cinematic FX

Whether you’re composing a film score, building an epic EDM track, or working on your new viral TikTok video, cinematic FX sounds can be incredible tools for creating drama, suspense, and impactful moods of all kinds.

What About: Cinematic FX contains massive impacts, deep orchestral hits, momentous transitional FX, and much more. With these sounds in your arsenal, you’ll be creating game-changing cinematic drama in a matter of minutes.

Other bundle contents

  • What About: Cinematic Tension & FX
  • What About: Weapon FX Overload
  • What About: Epic Orchestral Essentials
  • What About: Scifi Movie Sounds & FX
  • What About: Cinematic Horror Sounds & FX
  • Violin For Electro
  • What About: FX Essentials 3
  • What About: Lofi Cinematic & Movie Sounds

Bundle details

  • 13 Construction Kits (+ MIDI & Presets)
  • 77 Serum Presets
  • 232 Melody & Orchestral Loops
  • 236 Synth & Orchestral Shots
  • 180 Drum Loops
  • 100 Drum Shots & Percussion
  • 330 Various FX
  • 143 Violin Loops
  • 286 Cinematic Horror Sounds & FX Sounds
  • 300 Scifi Movie Sounds & FX Sounds
  • 340 Robotic & Transformers FX Sounds
  • 381 Weapon FX Sounds
  • 327 Cinematic FX
  • 100% Royalty Free!

Regular price $193.1 on sale for only $10.

Cinematic Bundle 10 For 10 ( W.A.Production )

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