A faithful reproduction of the Roland TR-909 drum machine, D16 Group “Drumazon 2” is 42% OFF

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A faithful reproduction of the Roland TR-909 drum machine, D16 Group “Drumazon 2” is 42% OFF.


Drumazon 2

Drumazon synthesis emulates all the sounds of the original 909

You get the classic sound, but with extras that will surely meet expectations – both for purists and producers after a modern punchy attitude.

The 11 Drum Sounds That Have Shaped Electronic Dance Music

Drumazon emulates all the sounds of the original 909, matching each individual instrument with meticulous accuracy.

A Dedicated Channel Strip for Every Drum Sound

With EQ and compression per instrument, you can quickly perfect the original 909 sound. We’ve also included factory presets for each instrument to put together a great sounding kit without any fuss.

Two Bus Effect Chains With Lots of Different Algorithms

Get the exact sound; add grit with a bitcrusher or distortion, control space with reverb or delay, and fattenyour sound with chorus; mix everything together nicely using dynamics and EQ algorithms.

All these can be also used creatively with the addition of a filter – the possibilities are endless.

Final Touches Are So Crucial

A capable master section will give the final punch to your drum line with a 3-band compressor to glueeverything together and a limiter to control and add power to the output.

Ready-to-use master presets can get the desired results ASAP.

Trigger Outs

The original machines featured analog trigger outputs to control external gear using the internal sequencer.

Producers often used this output musically, adding a trademark short pulse sound that became a hallmark of electro music, a sound you can get with Drumazon too.

The Perfect Pattern Is A Few Clicks Away

Find your groove quicker with this easy-to-use and inspiring sequencer

  • Set velocity for accented and non-accented steps quickly, with an optional global boost
  • Add expressive rhythms using several articulation types
  • Use the tap function to record live grooves
  • Get immediate innovation with a custom randomizer
  • Browse hundreds of included factory patterns to get instant inspiration

And for flexibility, the MIDI export function lets you quickly finish work on your pattern in your DAW.

Prefer Recording Your Beats Live? Nothing Could Be Simpler

With the tap function, you can seamlessly record your ideas into patterns, then edit them like any other pattern.

Bored? Let’s Randomize, Baby!

With just a hit of a button, you can fill up your patterns with unexpected ideas, get inspired and revitalize your workflow.

Randomizer can fill a pattern according to what you specify, providing random drum lines you can edit or save seamlessly.

Impressive Factory Content To Kickstart Your Work

Don’t want to dive into the technicalities of Drumazon’s signal flow just yet? We have you covered with factory presets full of Scenes, Drum Kits and Patterns. You can focus on developing your music immediately.

This is not a standalone program – a host application (DAW) is required to use it.

Regular price $130.9 on sale for only $75.9.

Drumazon 2 ( Plugin Boutique )

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