【37%OFF】Softube Model 72 Synthesizer System release

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Softube “Model 72 Synthesizer” release, which faithfully models the 1972 minimoog.


Model 72 Synthesizer

A component that models the 1972 hardware unit in every detail, it is reproduced in its primitive state, with all the quirks and non-linearity intact.

The result is an incredibly authentic sound with the warmth and smoothness you’ll hear on countless records.

  • An entire system based on a classic analogue monophonic synth from the early 1970s with the emphasis on sound quality.
  • Era correct: component-modelled to perfection, with all the quirks and non-linearities intact – it sounds and behaves just like its original hardware counterpart.
  • Actual use cases and tricks of the hardware correctly replicated in the software.
  • Four versions included: Model 72 Instrument, Model 72 FX, Model 72 module for Softube Amp Room, and seven Model 72 modules for Softube Modular. Learn more about Softube Amp Room and Softube Modular.
  • Create combinations in Modular never possible before in real life or in the world of software.
  • Software-exclusive features added: doubler, stereo spread effect, and expanded controls.

Model 72 Synthesizer is regular price is $159, on the intro price is $99.

Model 72 Synthesizer

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