Synchron Strings Pro, a string ensemble resource from the Vienna Symphonic Library, is now 33% off

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The Vienna Symphonic Library’s Synchron Strings Pro string ensemble sound library is now 33% off.


Synchron Strings Pro

Synchron Strings Pro represents the next generation of sampled string ensembles, fusing artistic expression, a wealth of detailed articulations, natural note transitions, and sonic excellence within a resource-friendly, easy-to-use product.

Standard and Full Library both contain the same articulations. The Full Library adds more microphones, for more sonic possibilities.

  • Artistic expression
  • A wealth of detailed articulations
  • Authentic note transitions
  • New “agile” legatos for a natural flow
  • Additional soft attack and soft release samples
  • Legendary VSL legatos with portamento and flautando legato
  • Vibrato control & vivid dynamics
  • Recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna with multiple microphones
  • Resource-friendly & easy to use
  • Crossgrade prices for users of Synchron Strings I

Standard Library regular price $485 on sale for only $322.

Full Library regular price $807 on sale for only $567.

Upgrade from Standard to Full Library regular price $322 on sale for only $245.

VSL Synchron Strings Pro

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