97% off W.AProduction’s “OutlawMegaPack”, a bundle of three plug-ins and five sound packs

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Three plug-ins and five soundpack bundles, the W.A Production “Outlaw Mega Pack” is 97% off.


Outlaw Mega Pack


Outlaw is a gain-rider plug-in that automatically adjusts the volume like an audio engineer.

Outlaw works by listening to the incoming audio signal and compensating for volume changes by mimicking that “real touch” feeling of a consoles fader movements done by an engineer. 

With smooth gain leveling, you won’t have to worry about drawing automation clips to tame that wild volume bandit. 

The attack and release option can round up a rowdy pack of transients. Keep an eye on the progress of the Outlaw with a visually stunning large display that shows the Peak and RMS volume for both the left and the right channel, while showing how much gain is riding in the center.

Pumper Compressor

When turned, this knob has the power to give you a punchy style of compression to make those drums hit harder, phatter, cleaner, and clear without over compressing.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Smooth compression algorithm
  • Punchy Mode gives you that direct punch and clarity – this is great for kick drums or percussion
  • Fat will help to bring out the low-end of your sound and make it sound big!
  • Clean is more transparent and is perfect for adding subtle touches to your sound – great for softer vocals or acoustic instruments
  • Soft is wonderful to use on your master channel – it slightly compresses the sound which will tighten everything up and add clarity, without sounding over compressed and lifeles

Helper Transients 2

  • Attack (amount of amplification or attenuation of the transient)
  • Sustain (amount of amplification or attenuation of the sustained sound)
  • Clean processing
  • 10 Factory presets 
  • Responsive & CPU friendly

5 sound packs are included

  • House Revolution (Sample Pack)
  • Lofi Hip Hop 2 (Sample Pack)
  • Future Bass Fuse (DAW Template)
  • Brazilina Bass South (DAW Template)
  • Hybrid Trap Might (DAW Template)

Regular price $154.3 on sale for only $5.9.

Outlaw Mega Pack

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