Black Rooster Audio “Halloween Bundle”, a bundle of 6 effect plug-ins, is 83% off

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The Black Rooster Audio “Halloween Bundle”, a bundle of six effect plug-ins, is 83% off.


Halloween Bundle

This is a bundle of 6 effect plug-ins.

  • KH-COMP1: Koen Heldens’ signature compressor.
  • Edelweiss ’72: A premium dynamic channel-stripping plug-in that takes your mix from best to best in just a few clicks.
  • VPRE-73: Best-selling classic preamp emulation plug-in.
  • VEQ-1P: A vintage programmed EQ inspired by the studio’s most famous equalizer of all time.
  • Magnetite: A true tape emulation plug-in, giving your tracks the warmth and glue of analog.
  • VLA-2A: The world’s best emulation of a late 1960s opto-electronic compressor – perfect for drums, bass and vocals.

Regular price $604 on sale for only $99.

Halloween Bundle

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