Steven Slate Drums is hosting Black Friday. 60% off the SSD5 virtual drum machine (normally $149) for $59

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Steven Slate Drums is having a Black Friday. Steven Slate Drums is offering 60% off the virtual drumming instrument SSD5 (normally $149) for just $59.


Steven Slate Drums “SSD5”

With tons of legendary and artist-modeled drum kits in every style, your creative options are limitless. Whether you’re into rock, metal, jazz, funk, R&B, indie, reggae, or experimental, SSD 5.5 has you covered.

  • An all new user interface built from scratch
  • All-new master volume engine control
  • New physically modeled drum playback algorithm in SSD5
  • Deluxe 2 Drum Library Adds 50 New Instruments
  • 77 types of snares, 84 types of kicks and 58 types of toms.
  • 11 hi-hats, 14 crashes, 6 rides, 4 splashes, and 3 china cymbals.
  • Nine different percussion instruments (clap, tambourine and cowbell)
  • Four types of sound effect instruments
  • Analog processing and unprocessed samples
  • The famous “Artist Model” kit.
  • Up to 32 drum instruments in a drum kit or pad cell view
  • Complete improvements to the routing/mapping system
  • Support for macOS in AAX / VST / AU format
  • Windows support in AAX / VST format

Regular price $149 on sale for only $59.

Steven Slate Drums SSD5.5

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