Toontrack “EBX: Metal”, a metal sound extension for EZbass, has been released

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Toontrack “EBX: Metal”, a metal sound extension for EZbass, has been released.


EBX: Metal

The Metal EBX is an expansion for EZbass designed to provide a broad palette of tones for metal.

Combining detail, clarity and extreme power in the form of a pristinely defined low-end, this instrument checks off all the characteristics needed to cut through just as well at break-neck speed in a brutal death metal track as a rhythmic progressive passage, a dense wall of guitars or literally anything in between or beyond.

Being bright and articulate at the same time as it’s dark and menacing, this is the definition of a great all-round bass for heavy music.

In addition to the sounds, the Metal EBX also comes with a custom MIDI library as well as a broad selection of presets tailored to cater to all the different facets of metal as we know it.

  • A meticulously captured bass, optimized for a balanced metal tone
  • Sampled with both finger, pick and slap options
  • Includes custom presets engineered by Forrester Savell
  • Preset collection covers a broad range of tones – from dark and
  • gritty to bright and clear
  • Comes with a ‘Clean DI’ (direct input) preset option for both striking
  • options
  • Has a custom MIDI content inspired by modern metal

Price is $79.

EBX: Metal

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