BeatSkillz is having a Black Friday sale. 91% off Slam Bundle, an analog-inspired channel strip bundle

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BeatSkillz is having a Black Friday sale.

91% off Slam Bundle, an analog-inspired channel strip bundle.


Slam Bundle

Slam Dawg

All-in-one that allows saturation, dynamics control, stereo wide adjustment, etc. with this one.

It’s a plug-in that’s easy to use rather than fine-tuned. It will also save you time.

  • Easy to use
  • Great on Tracks, Busses and Mixes
  • Punchy, Clear and Wide Sound
  • SLAM your Drums, Bass, Vocals, Synths and other sounds
  • Dry and Wet controls built-in
  • Pro Results without chains of plugins or confusing parameters

Slam Pro

A plug-in that quickly creates ideal sounds for drums, bass, synths, and vocals.

  • Bombastic Bass: Add or cut the ‘Thump’, ‘Boom’ or ‘Sub’ Bass to your track. Add thump to kicks or boom to 808s, and also remove mud in seconds
  • Heat/Airz: Garnish your track or mix with Tube/ Tape Saturation (3 types selectable). Add clarity to your mix or track with the Airz control (3 frequencies selectable using the high-shelf filter)
  • Pop/Crush: Use any of the 4 types of compression (‘Pop’) to glue – add punch, or control to your track dynamics and then ‘Crush’ to provide your track or mix with loudness
  • Stereo Width: Use the Band-slider to set the crossover for 2 bands of stereo expansion. Widen your track, yet keep the bass frequencies in the centre. Achieve full control of your stereo-width with no hassle

Slam XL

It has an EQ, compressor, saturator, expander and limiter.SLAM XL is that perfect channel and bus fattener, that can instantly bring your beats, keyboards, live instruments, vocals or percussion to life, without the need of chains of plugins or very complicated plugins, which take more time and are difficult to use.

With low latency and CPU-friendly processing, you can live track instruments, vocals, drum machines and keyboards in real time, allowing you to quickly shape the sound of your music.

Regular price $377 on sale for only $35.

Slam Bundle

You can also buy them individually and save up to 90% off.

BeatSkillz Slam Sale

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