accusonus is holding a Black Friday Sale. Up to 20% off the ERA 5 series, which realizes high-quality audio processing with simple operations

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accusonus is holding a Black Friday Sale. Up to 20% off the ERA 5 series, which realizes high-quality audio processing with simple operations.


ERA 5 Bundle Pro

Salvage tracks which cannot be recorded again. Save tons of time in editing. Clean your tracks with no artifacts in a fraction of the time. The ERA Bundle Pro features 13 powerful plugins to help you tackle all the audio issues you routinely face.

Whether you work with video, film, podcasts, voice overs, broadcast, streaming or music production, the ERA plugins will help you get the job done in seconds.

The newest version features incredible new tools and the biggest engine update yet, delivering staggering quality with the most intuitive workflow for creators. Innovative solutions empower you to fix even more audio issues than before, saving time in editing and enhancing your sound.

accusonus ERA 5 Bundle
  • Noise Remover Pro (new)
  • Reverb Remover Pro (new)
  • De-Esser Pro (updated)
  • Room Tone Match (new)
  • Voice AutoEQ (new)
  • Voice Deepener (new)
  • Voice Leveler (updated)
  • Plosive Remover (updated)
  • De-Clipper (updated)
  • Audio CleanUp Assistant (new)

ERA Noise Remover Pro

Noise Remover Pro is a powerful yet intuitive tool for professionals. Based on the improved, multi-patented accusonus algorithms, Noise Remover Pro offers amazing results with no artifacts, without you having to hunt for noise profiles or tweak a ton of parameters.

Enjoy the ease-of-use of accusonus’ smart technology while maintaining the flexibility to dig in deeper and fix trickier recordings.

ERA Noise Remover

Handle unwanted fans, air conditioning, hum, and other noises with ease.

ERA Reverb Remover Pro

Reverb is one of the trickiest audio issues to tackle in post. The unique tuning and UX design of accusonus’ Reverb Remover Pro will elevate your workflow.

The large central knob will help you get the job done in seconds, but you can also dive in and fine-tune the settings for surgical precision when time permits. See and hear what’s being removed using the DIFF button.

Use the smart presets to edit faster and dig into specific frequency regions for more accurate and granular results.

ERA Reverb Remover

Remove reverb components in recording material and other materials.

ERA De-Esser Pro

It is a high-precision de-esser plug-in. It works quite naturally because it only processes problematic bands and does not affect other bands.

ERA De-Esser

Removes the sibilant sounds often found in vocal lines and the like.

Room Tone Match

Awkward silenced parts & inconsistent room tones when editing dialogue can be very distracting. The ERA Room Tone Match identifies the background ambience under speech and helps you seamlessly “stitch” and even out different ambience beds.

Accusonus say they might not always be able to “read the room” but accusonus’ brand new Room Tone Match totally can!

Re-create your sonic environment effortlessly and maintain the natural feel of your scene, without messing with tedious workarounds!

Voice AutoEQ

Instantly clear muddiness and boominess, add body and make your dialogue tracks sound crisp. The Voice AutoEQ is a new, revolutionary plugin.

It listens to the dialogue track and allows you to enhance it in real-time. Improve voice clarity in a way that’s impossible with normal EQs.

Use the round cursor to navigate inside the triangle and find the right balance between Air, Body and Clarity.

Voice Deepener

Your voice sounds more thin & high-pitched when recorded.

The Voice Deepener will make your talent’s voice sound more like they hear it themselves and less like it sounds in recordings. Get that “ movie-trailer” effect with a single dial.

Make your dialogue tracks sound deeper and more soothing in seconds. Create recordings that will allure, convince and hook everyone, literally in seconds.

ERA 4 Voice Leveler

Turn the ERA 5 Voice Leveler’s dial and easily fix distracting volume differences.

Smooth out uneven audio levels, such as those caused by actor or microphone movements, single-microphone interviews, non-ideal microphone placement etc. Save yourself from hours of manual gain adjustments.

ERA Plosive Remover

Instantly improve dialogue recordings containing popping sounds. With Plosive Remover, annoying popping sounds can be removed with minimal effort.

Look at the plugin’s waveform and see what’s being removed. The ERA Plosive Remover is completely transparent – just set it and forget it.

ERA De-Clipper

A plug-in that automatically detects clips and repairs them to high quality sound.

The feature is completely automatic and there are no knobs to adjust the threshold. The video shows that it uses the most advanced algorithms and is of very high quality. It’s a complete cheat plug-in.

All you have to do is switch between 1) standard and 2) other, whichever one suits you best.

There are probably many situations where you can use ERA De-Clipper to solve the problem of clipping because the recording level is too high. And it’s easy.

ERA Audio Clean-Up Assistant

Further improve your workflow and avoid juggling between multiple plugin windows and parameters. ERA Audio Clean-Up Assistant allows you to work smarter and faster.

It combines several ERA Standard plugins and offers carefully-curated presets that you can use as a starting point for your audio processing.

Build your own audio repair chain – which you can recall anytime – or save time by choosing from the CleanUp Assistant’s presets, rather than configuring them yourself from scratch.

Regular price $999 on sale for only $799.

ERA 5 Bundle Pro

Regular price $299 on sale for only $249.

ERA 5 Bundle Standard

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