Leapwing Audio is having a Black Friday sale. 40% off all high quality effectors

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Leapwing Audio is having a Black Friday sale. All high quality effectors, including the new RootOne, are 40% off.



RootOne delivers complete low-end control. It is designed as a new plug-in that generates and shapes subharmonic frequencies.

Leapwing set out to create the cleanest low-end possible, phase aligned with the original, making the result sound like it comes from one source. 

RootOne comes with 3 low frequency bands at custom crossover frequencies. Each band will look for a frequency an octave above the selected band, and after carefully analysing amplitude and phase, it then generates a clean sound within that band. 

  • Unique Subharmonics Generator: Proprietary algorithm that generates the cleanest low frequencies.
  • Pitch Follower and Phase Alignment: Instead of simply pitch shifting the signal, Leapwing use advanced analysis to generate subharmonics that are phase aligned with the source.
  • Full Harmonics Shaping: Saturation module allows you to shape those midrange harmonics, allowing them to cut through on smaller speakers.
  • Ultimate dynamics, drive and decay control: Immense control to shape your newly generated subharmonics.
  • Simple yet Beautiful Design: Beautiful resizable Retina interface with unique design, focused on the optimal workflow.

Regular price $199 on sale for only $119.



DynOne is a smarter parallel multi-band dynamics processor. The load is high, but a high-quality, short-time multi-band comp that is unbeatable.

  • Exquisite Crossover Filters: 5 bands with custom-built linear-phase crossover filters that are variable in frequency
  • Enhanced Control for Mixing and Mastering:From variable RMS vs peak detection, to stereo linking percentages, all the way to smart variable controls
  • Simple yet Beautiful Design:Beautiful resizable Retina interface with unique design, focused on the optimal workflow
  • Extremely Good Filters:The highest quality FIR filtering we can run on modern CPU

Regular price $199 on sale for only $119.

DynOne 3

Leapwing Audio “CenterOne”

CenterOne is a stereo imager plug-in. The features are as follows.

  • Just lifting the LR used for 2mix would be nice
  • No loss of original sound compared to other stereo imagers
  • The interface is superb and easy to use
  • Lighter load

You get an extremely natural stereo feel.

Regular price $199 on sale for only $119.



StageOne is a plug-in to control the stereo effect and depth. It has three different algorithms (With, Depth, and Mono Spread).

You can use them according to your preference. Simple, easy to use and GUI for quality workflows.

It can give a natural stereo effect to monaural material. The main feature is that it can give a stereo effect without any unnaturalness while preserving the original sound.

  • Width: Width ‘stretches’ the stereo field, off-center content will move towards and beyond the speakers. Phantom center is left untouched, everything around it gets stretched or remapped to a wider stereo field.
  • Depth: Depth adds directionally optimised reflections to create an enhanced sense of depth in the sound field
  • Mono Spread: Mono spread utilises a unique filter design to convert a mono signal into a pseudo-stereo signal
  • Simple yet Beautiful Design: Beautiful Retina interface with unique design, focused on the optimal workflow

Regular price $199 on sale for only $119.


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