Bundled with 23 plug-ins, Eventide “Anthology XI” is 72% off

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Bundled with 23 plug-ins, Eventide “Anthology XI” is 72% off.


Anthology XI

Anthology XI is comprised of twenty three plug-ins based on over 45 years of Eventide studio mainstays, as well as current and future classics.

From channel strips to reverbs to multi-effects, Anthology XI has tools to make everyday tasks easier and to fire your imagination.

A true must-have for any size studio.

Anthology XI comes with over 2,900 presets across the included plug-ins; many created by artists like Dave Pensado, George Massenburg, Tony Visconti, Vernon Reid, Richard Devine, Joe Chiccarelli, Roy Hendrickson, Alessandro Cortini, Andrew Scheps and Suzanne Ciani.


A room-simulation reverb plug-in that fully restores the soundmaking of David Bowie’s “Heroes” album, produced by Tony Visconti.


It is a plug-in for the unique modulated reverb sound named Blackhole, which was included in the company’s DSP4000 through H8000, and is part of the Stompbox series “SPACE”.

There are about 50 different presets available.


Two types of compressors are installed. It is an O-Pressor derived from the compressor / de-esser (side chain compatible) and the company’s Omnipressor.

It features a 5-band parametric EQ, micro-pitch shift using the company’s H8000 algorithm, and delay. 200 types of presets are also available.


A plug-in that can be divided into transient and tonal components and each can be controlled independently. It was released under the name Fission, but has been changed to Physion.

In addition, a total of 23 types of plugins are included.

Regular price $1,799 on sale for only $499.

Anthology XI

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