Tube EQ Plug-in, Tone Empire “Black Q-V2” is 60% off

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Tube EQ Plug-in, Tone Empire “Black Q-V2” is 60% off.


Black Q – V2

Tone Empire recently brought a vintage unit to life by building the hardware version over 6 months, changing tubes, transformers and signal paths.

A new and improved version of Black Q. V2 now features overlapping bands and new frequency ranges as well as oversampling for more “analog” behaviour.

Combining this with a versatile EQ Design, Tone Empire developed a monster Tube EQ in the DSP world, a kind of hybrid with a sound going from “Clean and Silky” to full-on “Crunchy” sounding saturations.

TYPE A gives you a great “FULL” sound including a “Big” Low end and TYPE B gives you a crunchier mid/high enhanced sound.

These choices make it possible to use this EQ on a variety of sound materials from Drums to Vocals, Piano, String Instruments, Bass, Synths and as a mastering unit itself.

The next part was to make this plugin as processor efficient as possible so it could be used as a tracking plugin with very low latency and also allow one to run multiple instances of it effortlessly.

In Black Q Version 2, Tone Empire have also introduced ” OVERSAMPLING “. Now it has up to 8x oversampling option if your system can take that CPU LOAD.

Regular price $79 on sale for only $29.

Black Q 2

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