3 Effects Bundle, SoundSpot “Gain Reduction Bundle” is 82% off

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3 Effects Bundle, SoundSpot “Gain Reduction Bundle” is 82% off.


Mastering Bundle


NEVO is SoundSpot’s new monster clipper, which has been developed by SoundSpot’s in house audio wizards to give you the ultimate peak control when either mastering audio, or enhancing your virtual instruments or hardware instruments.

NEVO is no ordinary clipper, there are a wealth of features and controls that will leave you in awe of its sonic ability, whilst at the same time being easy to use and totally inspirational.

NEVO features a combination of a 16-band soft clipper and a single-band hard clipper, along with multiple colouration settings, a transient shaper and a final clip wall limiter.

All of these features have been arranged into a specific signal flow which has been meticulously designed and tested so you can get the very best sound from your instruments, groups, mixes and masters.

With an infectious workflow and instant results, NEVO is the plugin you’ve always needed in your arsenal of audio production plugins. NEVO is a feature-rich powerhouse of a plugin, that sounds as good as it looks.


Multi-effector plug-in with optical compressor, EQ, and overdrive.

The compressor and overdrive can be selected from three different characters.

The EQ is a 4-band parametric EQ.


FireFly is a compressor with good visibility and light CPU load.

FireFly is a modern-style bus compressor with flexible options to optimize your track’s transients and stereo image. In addition, it features a sidechain filter for compressing tracks with loud kick and bass parts, and an analog mode that introduces non-linear colouration for warmth as well as adaptive noise generation for character and perceived loudness. With its separate left and right wave and reduction graph, FireFly gives you a flexible and intuitive way of compressing groups of instruments or your entire mix with ease.

When “ANALOG” is turned on, it adds warmth that emulates an analog compressor.

The “PUNCH” function ensures the transients that are lost due to compression. It is also possible to switch between low and high frequencies.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Designed to work flawlessly with touch controllers such as the Raven by Slate Media
  • Modern-style bus compression with continuous controls
  • Non-linear colouration filter for warmth
  • Adaptive noise generation for character and perceived loudness
  • Pre-compression transient shaper
  • Detection stage high pass sidechain-filter and stereo imager
  • Preset manager to save & share your own effects

Regular price $384 on sale for only $69.

Gain Reduction Bundle

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