Adam Szabo is having a Christmas Sale. 25% off “Viper” which emulates the access Virus TI

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Adam Szabo is having a Christmas Sale.

25% off “Viper” which emulates the access Virus TI. The JP6K, which emulates the Roland JP-8000’s Super SAW, is also available for discount.



Viper aims to deliver the sound characteristics of legendary hardware synthesizers in a virtual format.

It comes with multitude of features like: multiple Oscillator types, Sync, Frequency Modulation, Ring Modulation, Unison up to 8 voices, Filter Saturation, Filter Routings, Modulation Matrix, high quality Effects, a powerful Arpeggiator, and much more!

A lot of time and research has been invested to make Viper capable of delivering a wide array of sounds, everything from lush pads, huge basses, and powerful leads, typically found in analog synthesizers.

This was achieved with careful coding, experimenting, analyzing hardware synths, and using the ear to fine tune its parameters.

The audio engine is written in optimized code to use as little CPU consumption as possible, while maintaining a high quality sound engine, finding a good balance between the two.

Viper also has a smoothing algorithm for its controls to remove the ‘steppyness’ associated with digital synthesizers.

V1.0.8 Update Details

  • Added “Sync Phase” as a modulation target for LFO 3
  • Matrix destinations are now displayed in alphabetical order
  • Improved the Unison engine
  • Improved PWM for classic oscillators
  • Improved the phase of LFO in free mode
  • Fixed a bug in the GUI of Reaper
  • Fixed a bug in FL Studio parameters
  • Fixed a bug of Pitch Bend Range
  • Fixed a bug of pitch in Oscillator 3
  • Fixed a bug of Envelope slope
  • Fixed a bug in Chorus
  • Fixed a bug in Rate Reducer
  • Fixed a bug in Phaser
  • Fixed various other bugs

Viper is for Windows only, NOT for Mac!

Use the coupon code “XMAS2020“.

Regular price €89 on sale for only €66.75.


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