All Ina GRM products, plug-ins that generate unique sounds, are 50% off

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All Ina GRM products, plug-ins that generate unique sounds, are 50% off.


Creative Bundle


Delays lets you create and control any type of delay line from echo to reverberation to phase shift, soften instrumental attacks, create a wide variety of special effects.

Delays consist of a set of delays that are variable from 0 to 6 seconds. Depending on the power of the processor, it is possible to have up to 128 simultaneous delays, whose amplitude and position are controlled.


Evolution is used to obtain continuous evolution of timbre by frequential sampling of the input signal.

The timbre of the input signal is sampled at more or less regular intervals. The output signal is obtained by interpolation between the sampled timbres.


SpaceGrain enables the generation of up to 100 grains and their placement in a multi-channel sound space.

Variable duration, delay, amplitude and transposition grains are sampled in the incoming signal and distributed in a multi-channel space (up to 32 channels, depending on the environment).

Regular price $99 on sale for only $49.

Creative Bundle

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