[FREE] Campaign to offer “Fundamental Bass” that controls low-end dynamics, etc. for free when you shop at PluginBoutique

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If you shop at PluginBoutique, you can get “Fundamental Bass” or “Producertech Compression Fundamentals” to control low-end dynamics for free.


January Gift

This is a special January campaign where you can get one of the following two plug-ins of your choice.

All plug-ins are available when purchased in two installments.

  • W.A. Production Fundamental Bass
  • Producertech Compression Fundamentals

How It Works

  1. Make sure you have a registered Plugin Boutique account. If you do not have an account, you can create one HERE.
  2. Add any paid-for product to your basket (This offer is not valid on free products).
  3. Select one free gift from the choice of four and complete checkout.
  4. Don’t use Virtual Cash or a coupon for the FULL amount of the transaction. (Any amount less than 100% is still OK though!)
  • If you already own W.A Production Fundamental Bass or Producertech Compression Fundamentals, we are unable to offer an alternative product.
  • You cannot exchange your copy of W.A Production Fundamental Bass or Producertech Compression Fundamentals for another product.
  • You cannot resell your copy of W.A Production Fundamental Bass or Producertech Compression Fundamentals.
  • Each customer is eligible to claim 1 x copy of W.A Production Fundamental Bass or Producertech Compression Fundamentals.

W.A. Production Fundamental Bass

Bassline balancing has always been a big challenge for producers, especially at the mixing stage, as the dynamic range of low-end material can be huge.

If you leave bass lines as they are, then they’ll threaten to unbalance the rest of your mix, but apply compression too liberally and a lively bass sound will have the life sucked out of it. So what to do?

That’s where Fundamental Bass comes in, giving you a quick way to tighten up the dynamics of your low end whilst keeping the snap and sparkle of mids and highs. The processing is achieved with an adjustable frequency split which feeds to two separate modules for processing.

The low band features twin-compressors and imaging adjustment for clarity and mono compatibility. The high band compresses and adds grit, enhancing natural harmonics whilst keeping the bounce of the bass.

  • Frequency-split bass processing
  • Independent compression & stereo imaging
  • Tube-style saturation & distortion
  • High and low-frequency filtering
  • Visual feedback
  • Responsive & CPU friendly
  • Factory presets
  • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video

Regular price $39.9.

Producertech Compression Fundamentals

Compression is one of the most essential aspects of producing music, ensuring tracks have consistent dynamics and loudness levels that meet professional standards.

On this comprehensive course from Senior Tutor Rob Jones, you’ll learn the main principles behind the technique, plus a tonne of different methods for how to apply it.

The course begins with a demonstration of how compression affects an audio signal, before moving into a series of lessons covering each of the main parameters. Once the theory is covered, Rob moves into his first realtime Compression Session, starting work on the course project by showing how to process the snare and leads.

The second half of the course then focuses on more advanced techniques, including sidechain options, peak and RMS detection, parallel processing and multi-band compression.

Again, after the theory is explained, Rob develops each technique further in another realtime Compression Session.

Regular price $27.08.

It is not possible to get duplicate copies of the same plugin for this campaign, but you can get both types if you make two separate purchases.

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