“SLAM 2 & SampleX V2” bundled with two new plug-ins from BeatSkillz released

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“SLAM 2 & SampleX V2” bundled with two new plug-ins from BeatSkillz released.


SLAM 2 & SampleX V2


SLAM2 comes from the original makers of the hit Slam series of plugins but with much more musical settings and a higher quality of sound.

This plugin will keep you inspired and let you work fast & sound great!

  • Easy to use
  • Great on tracks, busses, and mixes
  • Punchy, clear, and wide sound
  • SLAM your drums, bass, vocals, synths, and other sounds
  • Dry and Wet controls built-in
  • Pro results without chains of plugins or confusing parameters

SampleX V2

SampleX Version 2 brings you new features like – LP/ HP ladder resonant filters, stereo width control (mono / M/S expander) & a dynamic convolution system where Beatskillz have sampled the real vintage samplers to get their exact sound at various levels.

A standard variable sample rate, bitrate and aliasing control (shift) are also present.

The team at Beatskillz went on a quest to study the actual circuitry and found each and every step right from the A/D converters, preamps, analogue, and digital filters, and processes involved to recreate each stage and bring you a plugin that can not only emulate a sampler but many, and also lets you design your own sampler or vintage chip!

What’s new in Version 2

  • New Multi Convolution System
  • New HP / LP Resonant Ladder Filters
  • Width Control Stereo Expansion to Mono
  • New Presets and GUI

Regular price $118 on sale for only $49.

SLAM 2 & SampleX V2

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