61% off Kilohearts “Phase Plant + Banks”, a bundle of Phase Plant and 3 expansion instruments

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61% off Kilohearts “Phase Plant + Banks”, a bundle of Phase Plant and 3 expansion instruments.


Phase Plant + Banks

Phase Plant is a bundle of three extended instruments from Kilohearts.

Impossible, New London, and Tremor, for a total of 149 Phase Plant presets.

Phase Plant is a modular synthesizer that, as you can see, is very versatile.

However, it is very visible and visually pleasing, so it doesn’t have that “hard to get used to” feeling that is typical of difficult synthesizers.

The software is designed to be easy to use, with animations that match the sounds you make, and a navigation system that tells you what parameters to associate with each module you add.

It is not a very difficult synth to use, as long as you check each one and refer to the manual.

The basic screen shows all the information about the sound being played, so if you listen to the more than 550 presets available, you’ll be able to understand the role of each one.


It includes digital rage storms, procedural minimal glitch suites, and bold atonal fanfares.

New London

From Camden Lock to the Streatham High Road, from Putney Bridge to the Blackwall Tunnel, these sounds bring a New London down to earth with a kick, snare, shuffle, kick, snare. 50 Phase Plant presets on the harder, darker side of Drum & Bass.


Compose for a frosty winter’s morning, or a night at the arcade. Just make it long, slow, and wonderful. Mountain tops, spaceports, ancient caves, and deep breathing by Arovane.

Regular price $256 on sale for only $99.99.

Phase Plant + Banks

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