Analog Synthesizer Plug-in, Eplex7 DSP “Klerhaim N1” Released

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Analog Synthesizer Plug-in, Eplex7 DSP “Klerhaim N1” Released.


Klerhaim N1

There are many virtual analog emulation synthesizers available, but unfortunately 99,5% of them are far from real analog hardware synths (sounding sterile, digital, cold, boring, robotic, uniformly, numb and sharp).


Firstly because they are made by coders, not electronic engineers.

They perfectly understand the code but not circuits, electronic components and physics.

We are both: programmers and educated electronic engineers with more than 18 years of experiences.

And also… basic code cannot behave like electricity in real analog circuits.

That is a reason why we developed our own virtual circuit technology.

We are emulating whole analog circuits, electronic components and modules of synthesizer + their behavior in various situations, noises, feedbacks, interfering signals etc.

Regular price €59 on sale for only €29.9.

Klerhaim N1

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