Ethnic and Middle Eastern flavors, IQ Samples “Arabian Flutes” has been released

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Ethnic and Middle Eastern flavors, IQ Samples “Arabian Flutes” has been released.


Arabian Flutes

This is an essential tool to add some Ethnic and Middle East flavor to your track!

Suitable for a wide range of genres such as Deep, House, Psy Trance, Trap, Moombahton, Downtempo, or even for Cinematic music.

An impressive 215 unique Arabian Flute Loops recorded with professional mics through high class analog preamps and top class AD/DA convertors + 13 Bonus Loops from Demo track (Strings, Synth, Drum Loops) and 10 Midi files.  569 Mb in Total!

  • 569 Mb
  • 24 bit samples
  • 122 BPM
  • 215 Arabian Flute Loops
  • 13 Bonus Loops
  • 10 Bonus Midi Files

Samples are managed in the cloud

The biggest advantage is that all the large libraries you purchase from Loopmasters are stored in the cloud. The best part is that you can download and use only what you need.

You don’t have to worry about storage overwhelm.And because it’s stored in the cloud, you can access your entire collection from any device.

No matter how much it increases, it is safe. By the way, you can manage your samples as well.

Price is $24.75.

Arabian Flutes

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