Bundle of emulated plug-ins from Empirical Labs, Softube “Empirical Labs Complete Collection” is released

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Bundle of emulated plug-ins from Empirical Labs, Softube “Empirical Labs Complete Collection” is released.


Empirical Labs Complete Collection

Empirical Labs Mike-E Comp

Precisely modelled in close collaboration with Dave Derr, Empirical Labs Mike-E Comp offers high-calibre, one-of-a-kind saturation/compression based on the famous ELI Distressor.

A punchy preamp that’s available before the CompSat circuitry, and three different emphasis modes—plus NUKE!—enable multi-stage distortion and quick changes to the character of the saturation/compression behaviour.

Available for the first time as a native plug-in, Mike-E makes it a total blast to go overboard. And when you do, you’re rewarded with nary a hint of harshness—no matter how far you push it to the extreme.

Excess without consequence? That’s rock & roll. And it’s what makes Mike-E your man in the box.

  • An expert component modelled native plugin version of the Empirical Labs Mike-E hardware
  • Warm and punchy preamp up to +18 dB of gain
  • Hi-Pass and Phase, vintage style 18 dB/octave at 80 Hz
  • Multistage soft-clipping saturator in CompSat section with Drive and Toasty/Warm meter
  • Three emphasis modes in CompSat section (HF, HF2, LF)
  • Compressor in CompSat section based on the Distressor
  • The famous NUKE mode in compressor
  • Ratio presets: BYP, 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 8:1 & NUKE
  • Attack times in ms: 0.9, 8, 12, 20, 100 • Release times in s: 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5
  • External Sidechain
  • Dry/Wet mix

Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ

The warm and punchy analogue sound of the Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ makes it something of an oddity in the world of equalizers. But it’s no sideshow.

With its heart-shaped box of tricks, mighty analogue tone, and de-essing chops, Softube were hard-pressed to think of a more powerful analogue EQ.

It’s what makes Lil FrEQ the ace in the hole for so many high-profile recording engineers and mixing professionals.

When your equalizer features eight different processing sections, you can ditch the multi-plug-in setup and get on with it.

The native software version—expertly modelled under the watchful eye of Dave Derr himself—gives you all that tone-shaping and correction power, plus supernatural sound quality, and flavour galore.

In a word, it’s un-freakin-believable.

  • An expert component modelled native plugin version of the Empirical Labs Lil FrEQ hardware
  • Input Gain after Meter with clip indicator
  • Vintage style High-pass filter: 18 dB/octave
  • Super smooth High and Low shelving EQ
  • 4-band fully parametric EQ: LF, Lo Mid, Hi Mid, and HF: +-14 dB
  • Super-wide to super-narrow bandwidth and generous frequency ranges
  • Blue markings for vintage British style of equalization
  • DS section – the same as the famous DerrEsser
  • Individual bypass on all bands and sections
  • Punchy, fat and analogue sound

Empirical Labs Trak Pak for Console 1

Introducing the Empirical Labs Trak Pak channel strip expansion for Console 1.

In partnership with Dave Derr, the mastermind behind ELI, Softube expertly modelled two killer hardware units.

The intensely punchy Lil FrEQ de-esser/analogue equalizer and the hairy, fat-sounding Mike-E saturator/compressor.

  • It’s basically like having an Empirical Labs console
  • High and Low-pass filters from the Lil FrEQ: 18 dB/octave
  • Shape section from the DS section of Lil FrEQ (DS and HF, high frequency limiting)
  • 4-band parametric EQ from Lil FrEQ with the separate shelves and filters selectable on the LF and HF bands: Gain +-14 dB
  • Compressor from the Mike-E (based on the Distressor) including NUKE mode
  • Compressor ratios: BYP, 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 8:1 & NUKE
  • Compressor attack times: 0.9 ms to 100 ms
  • Compressor release times: 0.05 s to 0.5 s
  • Drive has the multistage soft-clipping from the Saturator of Mike-E

This product requires Softube Console 1.

Regular price $449 on sale for only $349.

Empirical Labs Complete Collection

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