21 Plugin Bundle, Ina GRM “GRM Tools Complete II” is 50% OFF

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21 Plugin Bundle, Ina GRM “GRM Tools Complete II” is 50% OFF.


GRM Tools Complete II

Spectral Transform

Contrast adds vibrancy, liveliness, depth, and subtle changes in timbre to sounds in mastering applications.

Equalize gives you powerful and dynamic controls to rebalance the highs, lows, and midrange of a sound.

Shift can transpose or transform a sound by any combination of frequency scaling or frequency shifting.

Warp transforms a sound by rearranging its frequency components in a completely free and creative way.


Band Pass gives you a dynamically controllable electronic chisel to carve your way through the highs and lows of a sound.

Comb Filters lets you add power and resonance to a sound, transform a sound’s timbre, or smooth out rhythmic sounds into long continuous sounds.

Delays lets you create and control any type of delay line from echo to reverberation to phase shift, soften instrumental attacks, create a wide variety of special effects.

Doppler lets you move sounds through an audio space with changes in pitch that correspond to their movement. You can also transform sounds through loudspeaker modulation, create unusual vibrato effects.

Freeze lets you freeze a fragment of a sound and scrub through the fragment with loops of different sizes at different pitches.

Pitch Accum lets you create two distinct ‘shadows’ of a sound at different transposition levels and at different delay intervals.

Reson lets you create new sounds from current sounds by rebalancing and redistributing the sound’s resonant frequencies.

Shuffling lets you create an unusual resonance or reverberation, fill an audio space with overlapping fragments of a sound, turn a single voice into a crowd.


Evolution is used to obtain continuous evolution of timbre by frequential sampling of the input signal.

Fusion modifies a sound by playing on delays, filters offset and frequential sliding.

Grinder is used to degrade a sound by freezing its frequential or time changes, and by modifying its spectral resolution.


Spaces enables the positioning and movement of a multichannel source (from 1 to 32 channels) in a multichannel space (from 2 to 32 channels).

SpaceFilter is used to spatialize the signal by four independent frequency bands.

SpaceGrain enables the generation of up to 100 grains and their placement in a multi-channel sound space.

Spaces3D enables you to move around a source of multichannel sound (from 1 to 64 channels) in a multichannel space (from 1 to 64 channels) in three dimensions.

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GRM Tools Complete II

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