Dedicated Drum Effect Plug-in, Tone Empire “Loc-Ness” is 76% OFF

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Dedicated Drum Effect Plug-in, Tone Empire “Loc-Ness” is 76% OFF.



Drums… the most crucial part of your mix that can make or break a track.

For decades pro engineers have used various combinations of compressors, pre-amps, eq’s, and saturation to make styles of sounds that stand out.

Not just a compressor or eq, Loc-Ness is the mystical plugin that brings all the right controls and colours for drums to your workstation.

This is a dedicated channel designed for processing Individual Drum Hits, The room sound, and the entire drum bus.

  • 4 carefully modeled analog signal paths/ 4 Types pf the Saturation modes.
  • Crust ( Saturation ) and Smash ( Limiter ) – based on 1176 compressor.
  • Filter section – Pre Filter and Post Filter
  • Phase control – Retain or Invert the phase of the wet signal
  • Trim Control – Attenuate the master mix of dry and wet with this control
  • ATK ( Attack ) – This lets the compression attack kick in very quickly and
  • “Smashing” the sound instantly.
  • Oversampling feature – Oversampling up to 8x for more ” Analog ” Sound.
  • Beautifully crafted ready to go presets.

Regular price $79 on sale for only $19.


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