Hand-picked anthology of exceptional sounding tools, Softube “Softube Volume 5 Plugin Bundle” is 30% OFF

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Hand-picked anthology of exceptional sounding tools, Softube “Softube Volume 5 Plugin Bundle” is 30% OFF.


Softube Volume 5 Plugin Bundle

Softube Volume 5 Plug-in Collection, a hand-picked anthology of exceptional sounding tools, is a treasure trove of plug-ins available with huge savings over the list prices on the individual components.

Volume 5 features four exquisitely crafted additions: the surgically precise Weiss EQ MP, Amp Room pro audio guitar and bass platform, Marshall Cabinet Collection expansion for Amp Room, and Statement Lead polyphonic synth.

All the top-notch plug-ins from the previous Volume editions are included in Volume 5.

There are component-modelled analogue channel strips, compressors & limiters, EQs, effects, reverbs & delays, special processors, amp sims, and instruments that have been created in partnership with industry-leading brands like Summit Audio, Doepfer, Marshall, Drawmer, Trident, OTO, and Fix.

  • Latest Additions: Weiss EQ MP, Amp Room, Marshall Cabinet Collection, Statement Lead.
  • Multiple Upgrade Paths: users can upgrade to Volume 5 from any previous Volume edition or any included plug-in.
  • A Highly Versatile & Creative Toolbox with channel strips, compressors & limiters, equalizers, distortion, transient shaping, effects, reverbs & delays, guitar & bass sims, and virtual instruments.
  • Includes plug-ins developed in close collaboration with industry-leading brands like Weiss, Summit Audio, Drawmer, Marshall, Trident, OTO, Doepfer, and Fix.

Included Plug-ins:

  • Weiss EQ MP
  • Amp Room
  • Marshall Cabinet Collection
  • Statement Lead
  • Acoustic Feedback
  • American Class A
  • Bass Amp Room (Legacy)
  • Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor
  • FET Compressor
  • Fix Flanger and Doubler
  • Fix Phaser
  • Harmonics Analog Saturation Processor
  • Heartbeat
  • Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959
  • Modular
  • Monoment Bass
  • OTO Biscuit
  • Parallels
  • Passive-Active Pack
  • Saturation Knob
  • Spring Reverb
  • Summit Audio EQF-100 Full Range Equalizer
  • Summit Audio Grand Channel
  • Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor
  • Tape
  • Transient Shaper
  • Trident A-Range
  • TSAR-1 Reverb
  • TSAR-1R Reverb
  • Tube Delay
  • Vintage Amp Room (Legacy)
  • Weiss MM-1 Mastering Maximizer

Weiss EQ MP

Developed through the thriving partnership between Softube and Weiss Engineering, the Weiss EQ MP is an equalizer honed for professional-grade use.

Built on the minimum phase algorithm of the legendary Weiss EQ1, Softube designed EQ MP for exacting mixing applications that necessitate a surgical EQ and sound quality that’s a cut above the rest.

With seven bands, just like the acclaimed EQ1, Weiss EQ MP gives you that famous EQ1 transparency coupled with the sharpest accuracy possible.

Achieve stunning clarity in your mixes with Weiss EQ MP, the sonic surgeon with the golden bands.

  • Based on a 1:1 code port of the minimum phase algorithm of Weiss EQ1.
  • A surgically-precise, ultra-transparent, high-fidelity EQ workhorse.
  • Optimized for big mix sessions with low latency and a light CPU load.

Amp Room

The pro-audio guitar and bass platform: designed for the producer, sounds exactly like real amps in high-end studios miked up with professional gear.

Load studio FX from Softube, Tube-Tech, and Trident, amps and cabs from Marshall, and more.

Mix and match modules to create complex patches and shape the sound you want.

  • 6 amplifiers, component modelled to perfection.
  • 16 cabinets with multiple microphone options.
  • 10 effect pedals, from distortion to delay and reverb.
  • 3 studio effects, such as American Class A as modules.
  • 8 utility modules, such as short delay for phase aligning.
  • 260 presets in many different genres and styles.

Marshall Cabinet Collection

Softube Marshall Cabinet Collection

Marshall Cabinet Collection is a collection of 8 classic, rare, and hand-wired speaker cabinets by Marshall exclusively available for Amp Room, the pro audio guitar and bass platform. 

Versatile enough for any style or genre of music from vintage to modern, they were all recorded at Dugout Productions studio by Daniel Bergstrand (Behemoth, Meshuggah, In Flames), and each one has 6 single microphone options and 6 mix-ready microphone combinations unique to each cabinet that sound absolutely incredible.

Statement Lead

Statement Lead is a state-of-the-art, user-friendly synth designed with the contemporary producer and songwriter in mind.

With carefully recorded and processed sound sources from rare and expensive synths and built-in effects of the highest quality, and modules for the endlessly expandable Eurorack modular synth Modular, Statement inspires you to make a statement.

This is the lead synth you need to create hit songs that sound polished and finished with no complications along the way.

  • The synth for contemporary lead sounds, perfect for music production and songwriting.
  • Phenomenal sound quality and analogue feel from careful recordings of rare, expensive hardware synths and built-in Softube effects.
  • The intuitive user interface and the presets make it easy to get started, resulting in polished sounds in no time.
  • 90 Sound Sources and waveforms
  • 20 Layer Sounds as Analog Dirt
  • Analog sounding low pass filter with 3 slope types, 6, 12 and 24 dB/oct
  • 16 Step filter sequencer
  • Advanced Auto Glide with conditional features
  • Aging feature: pitch, attack, dirt and grit.
  • Drive
  • Reverb with ducking and synced pre-delay
  • Delay with ducking and 8 individual L and R taps
  • One-knob multiband compression
  • Spatialization 
  • 150 stunning presets

Regular price $899 on sale for only $629.

Softube Volume 5 Plugin Bundle

Regular price $499 on sale for only $349.

Softube Volume 5 Plugin Bundle (Upgrade from Volume 1)

Regular price $349 on sale for only $244.

Softube Volume 5 Plugin Bundle (Upgrade from Volume 2)

Regular price $199 on sale for only $139.

Softube Volume 5 Plugin Bundle (Upgrade from Volume 3)

Regular price $99 on sale for only $69.

Softube Volume 5 Plugin Bundle (Upgrade from Volume 4)

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