Collection of the most popular United Plugins, “United Plugins Bestsellers Bundle” is up to 80% OFF

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Collection of the most popular United Plugins, “United Plugins Bestsellers Bundle” is up to 80% OFF.


United Plugins Bestsellers Bundle


Simple modulation can be boring and tedious.

But imagine you could fluently crossfade between four various modulation effects so that each bar would sound different or blend the four effects together to create something unique.

That is the approach only Orbitron can offer.


MorphVerb is a magical tool providing a unique way to find the perfect reverb settings!


Transmutator is a cutting-edge tool that crossfades between two inputs in a multitude of exciting ways.

Automate the mix control in your DAW to effortlessly progress from verse to chorus or build-up to drop.

Transmutator will quickly create ingenious transitions to take your music productions to the next level.

SubBass Doctor 808

Treating the lowest frequencies is not an easy task. And in some listening environments, it is almost impossible. If you mix while travelling or your mixing room or your system is not 110% perfect, you should see the doctor. Namely SubBass Doctor 808.

To accentuate the low frequencies and to add extra warmth SubBass Doctor 808 adds pleasant parallel saturation. This helps the sub-bass to set off and astonish the audience.

As the name suggests SubBass Doctor 808 is mainly designed for synth bass and drums.

But it is essential when mixing other instruments that reach really low – such as low-B five-string bass or double bass.

Regular price $414 on sale for only $149.

United Plugins Bestsellers Bundle

Upgrades are also available, so if you have one, please check it out.

United Plugins Bestsellers Bundle Spring Sale

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