Featuring 5 unique pianos, Sampletekk “Insane Next Level Keys Bundle” is 91% OFF

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Featuring 5 unique pianos, Sampletekk “Insane Next Level Keys Bundle” is 91% OFF.


Insane Next Level Keys Bundle


Singularis is part of SampleTekk’s “No nonsense, load and play” series.

The goal is not to provide you with a fancy GUI, but to give you an instrument and a sound that is inspiring to play.

ST Clav

ST Clav was sampled from a Hohner Clavinet D6© which has for years been putting the onk in funk, but has also been used in many genres.

The ST Clav has all the sounds, and are recorded through a tube amp.

Tubed Keys

Tubed Keys is sampled from The Mk I Seventy-Three which has no less then 16 different velocity samples/note and this gives you the dynamic response that’s not found on many sampled Rhodes.

Add to this 16 matching release samples and you’ll have 32 samples/note.

ST Reed Organ

The ST Reed Organ huffs and it puffs and it could blow your house down.

However, it will produce a charming noise that will work equally well for both hymns and whisky drenshed smoke-filled Waits type of songs.

ST Tonewheel

This is a road-worned, scarred warhorse with tons of attitude.

This Hammond L-100 has personality, it has flaws, it has dents and bruises – It’s only rock’n’roll but I’ll think you’ll like it….

Kontakt 5 Full Version required.

Regular price $305 on sale for only $29.

Insane Next Level Keys Bundle

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