Bass Synths and Drum Machines Created with an Astounding Level of Detail, Wave Alchemy “Drumvolution & Bassynth Bundle” is 59% OFF

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Bass Synths and Drum Machines Created with an Astounding Level of Detail, Wave Alchemy “Drumvolution & Bassynth Bundle” is 59% OFF.


Drumvolution & Bassynth Bundle


Imagine having instant access to the most revered Bass instruments in existence; Filthy analogue mono synths, the grittiest modular systems and polysynths.

Imagine epic live brass sections, designed bass guitars and heavily processed acoustic instruments… How about the deepest 808s & subs, wavetables and the most diverse collection of oscillators and creative sound design ever committed to tape?

Imagine being able to morph, transform and combine any of these sources into new, ground-breaking hybrid patches, inside a single intuitive instrument…

Over 800 different multi-sampled sound sources, wavetables, and oscillators are layered with 4 Voices to create powerful bass sounds. 290 presets are available.

11GB of harddrive space.

Kontakt Player 6.1 Player or Kontakt 6.1 required.


Drumvolution is a forward-thinking, truly modern Drum Engine powered by a ground-breaking library of 28,000+ electronic drums and sound design tools.

Featuring a slick design and unprecedented creative workflow, Drumvolution delivers an intuitive Drum Layering Engine and Browser, X+Y Pad, extensive modular Macro System, Parameter-lock Effects, Polyrhythmic Sequencing, extensive sound design parameters, and over 400 beautifully designed presets.

Drumvolution’s focus is not emulation – It’s about creating new, visionary drum sounds that push the boundaries of what was previously possible… It’s drum programming evolved…

Drumvolution’s sound engine combines beautifully designed analogue/electronic drums and acoustic instruments in a ground-breaking new way.

The sound content that powers Drumvolution was designed, layered and imagined from the ground up using a collection of impressive sources; sought-after modern/vintage analogue drum machines, powerful modular synths, world-class live rooms and acoustic instruments, sound design layering tools, found sound, processed Foley, prepared percussion, re-amped drums, tape machines, intricately layered abstract sounds, and much more…

All captured by mastering-grade conversion via impressive analogue signal chains.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Kontakt Player 5.8.1 Player or Kontakt 5.8.1 (or Kontakt 6 / 6 Player)
  • 4 GB RAM

Regular price $378 on sale for only $150.

Drumvolution & Bassynth Bundle

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