Elegant and sophisticated MIDI mapper, HD Instruments “NoteMatrix 2” is 50% OFF

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Elegant and sophisticated MIDI mapper, HD Instruments “NoteMatrix 2” is 50% OFF.


NoteMatrix 2

NoteMatrix is an elegant and sophisticated MIDI mapper for Kontakt/Kontakt player (Ver 5.8 and above) that grabs incoming MIDI notes from your MIDI hardware, and swaps them in real-time with other MIDI notes and channels of your choice.

The configuration is then saved with the track so you won’t have to map it ever again!

By simplifying the integration, NoteMatrix breaths new life into your Controller and Samples!

  • Get instant access to your favorite sounds, mapped, as soon as you select a track in your DAW!
  • Easy recallable MIDI mapping matches your hardware and software quickly and painlessly.
  • Used inside a DAW, NoteMatrix can trigger external VSTi’s!!!
  • Break free from external MIDI editors/Drum maps/preset flipping.
  • Eliminate the need to reprogram your MIDI hardware physically.
  • Adjust the velocity response of each pad using the Fixed/Shift velocity sliders.
  • Open up to 5 NoteMatrix in 1 Kontakt instance for a whooping control of 130 pads.
  • Big clear MIDI monitor that tracks your MIDI data.
  • Play melodic instruments on your Pad/Drum Controller using the Length Knob.

Full version of Kontakt (5.8.1+) or free Kontakt Player required.

Regular price $30 on sale for only $14.99.

NoteMatrix 2

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