77% OFF Soundtoys “PhaseMistress”, a creative effect that captures the sound of the legendary phaser

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77% OFF Soundtoys “PhaseMistress”, a creative effect that captures the sound of the legendary phaser.



From funk-laced guitars to swooshing disco drums to jazz-fusion keys and bombastic rock vocals, phase shifting is a wildly diverse effect that’s at the heart of countless records from the 60s to today.

PhaseMistress captures the sounds of legendary phasers and packs them into one plug-in that takes this creative effect to the next level.

While PhaseMistress comes packed with useful presets and an easy to use hardware-inspired interface, we also give you deep control over the phasing “circuit” that gives this effect its distinctive sound.

You can choose from 69 different styles of presets that alter the phaser’s internal structure. Set the number of stages from subtle 2-stage phasing up to a wild 24 stages.

You can also fine-tune the resonance, colour and intensity of the effect to craft your own unique phase shifting styles.

  • Recreate the silky, funky sounds of a huge range of hardware phasers
  • Get authentic analog sounds with 69 different built-in phasing styles
  • Tweak circuit-level options to design your own phasing styles
  • Choose from 6 different operation modes: LFO, Rhythm, Step, Random and more
  • Create envelope follower and trigger effects that respond to the music
  • Draw your own LFO waveshapes and unique rhythmic patterns

Regular price $129 on sale for only $29.


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