[FREE] Slot driven drum sampler, Fanan “Yumbu 2” is now available for free

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Slot driven drum sampler, Fanan “Yumbu 2” is now available for free.


Yumbu 2

Yumbu 2 (successor of Yumbu) is slot driven drum sampler.

It based on our Boo Boom sampler and shares many components and structures with it, but on the other hand, it also brings up lightning speed drum-kits loading and fast one stage control, fitted for live usage.

Now, with better control, both mp3 and wav. format support, faster workflow and only 0.5 sec.

loading times for new core kit, Yumbu 2 is one of the quickest drum samplers in the market.

  • 10 drum sample slots per kit
  • 14 drum element banks with full 30 drum-kits that adjusted to wide range of pop and EDM genres
  • Morphing system for blending any 2 drum elements together
  • Automation file manager
  • 4 additional wav. pages in the element menu for user’s wav. files
  • Midi assignable start\end points manager
  • Master effects
  •   Graphical midi keyboard with assignable keyboard starting points
  • Full virtual mixer with gain knobs, master effect send knobs, pitch knobs, random pitch manager knobs, round robin and pan knobs, master compressor, delay and reverb effects armed with a unique F.R.  feature.
  • Midi route options (internal or sent to the DAW through midi channels)
  • Scalable and customizable GUI
  • Dedicated modulation effects including phaser, delay and Zelda filter

Only Windows is supported.

Yumbu 2

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