The Ultimate Drum Sample Selection, Wave Alchemy “Revolution + FREE Sample Pack” is 77% OFF

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The Ultimate Drum Sample Selection, Wave Alchemy “Revolution + FREE Sample Pack” is 77% OFF.


Revolution + FREE Sample Pack


For the first time ever, a plugin delivers the true sound of the most influential Drum Machines of our time – 808, 909, 606, CR-78, CR-8000, Linndrum, Drumtraks, Drumulator, OB-DX, SP-12.

Revolution’s sound engine is powered by many tens of thousands of samples, capturing every possible sound/tone variation and nuance of the original drum machines, along with the subtle differences in behaviour inherent of analogue electronics.

Revolution features a breathtaking suite of high-end effects, filters and dynamics processors.

Add space to your drums with Revolution’s beautiful sounding dual reverb module – packed with 160 custom high-end impulses from iconic reverb units such as the Lexicon 300L, AKG BX20 Spring, AMS RMX16 and many others, alongside wonderful acoustic rooms from world-class studios, recorded with multiple mic positions.

Available in Standalone, VST, AU and AAX instrument formats.

Drum Tools 02

A labour of love spanning 2 years, Drum Tools 02 delivers over 4,000 ground-breaking electronic drum samples and percussive hits, each carefully crafted by hand from the ground-up using a huge array of drum machines, analogue synths, foley recordings and acoustic sound sources; processed individually on a sound-by-sound basis using a boutique collection of high-end outboard gear…

Pushing the boundaries of contemporary sound design, Drum Tools 02 delivers a unique collection of next-generation, production-ready drums for modern electronic music production; an essential toolkit for Techno, EDM, DnB, Dubstep, Deep House, Trap, Electronica and everything in-between!

Kontakt Player 5.6.5 Player or Kontakt 5.6.5 required.

Regular price $253 on sale for only $57.

Revolution + FREE Sample Pack

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