Plugin Boutique is offering 5 of our all-time best-selling plugins in a single bundle, “Make Music Day Bundle” is 97% OFF

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Plugin Boutique is offering 5 of our all-time best-selling plugins in a single bundle, “Make Music Day Bundle” is 97% OFF.


Make Music Day Bundle

SoundSpot Union 

The Union plugin combines the best of analogue modelling and digital precision and is built to provide you with a vast range of inspiring pads, plucks, leads, percussion elements and transitions straight out-of-the-box, as well as in-depth control over every aspect of your sound.

The interface is also very intuitive. It’s modern and easy to read, which is great.

More than 300 presets are available.

AIR Music Technology Xpand!2

More than 2,500 presets are available for a comprehensive sound library.

As you can see from the video, it’s a normal soundtrack. It’s also very popular.

It’s easy to use and if you like PCM and multiple sound sources, you’ll love it.

It is also very light and stable in operation. It is a best-selling sound source that has been loved for a long time.

It also contains a lot of orchestral hits, so you can buy it for that reason.

If you don’t have this sound source, it’s a good one to have.

Initial Audio SlowMo 

SlowMo slows down your mixes, instruments, vocals and even effect channels by 100% in realtime.

Especially in modern productions such as hiphop and trap halfspeed has become a common effect.

SlowMo´s built in oversampling makes sure the halfspeed version of your audio sounds as high quality as possible.

Glitchmachines Convex 

Convex is a multi-effects processor designed to facilitate the creation of contorted artifacts, syncopated patterns and skewed digital textures.

Based around three classic effects; multimode filter, pitch shifter and delay, Convex generates dynamic variations of the input signal by crossfading between two instances of each effect and modulating their key parameters using an extensive array of control modules.

From mellow dub delays to mind-blowing glitch sequences, Convex brings a broad range of exciting effects to your sound design arsenal.

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  • Dual Pitch, Delay & Filter FX
  • Dual Env Followers
  • 4 Flexible LFOs with Sync
  • Dual Mixers, Mults & Inverters
  • Scalable User Interface
  • 70+ Factory Presets
  • Win/Mac  VST/AU 32/64bit

W.A.Production Venom

When reverb and delay just aren’t enough, reach for Venom.

This powerful spectral processing plug-in twists raw audio into many types of sounds from subtle granular movements to unrecognisable soundscapes.

This makes Venom an incredibly versatile tool for sound designers, musicians, EDM producers and anyone who needs other-worldly transformations.

Explore the myriad of possibilities by using the included presets, then dive deeper with the hot-swappable effects chain, granular sizes and advanced tone shaping.

Every experiment with Venom will yield sonic surprises; creating expansive reverbs, harmonic excitement, frozen spectral tones and completely unique ambiences.

  • Spectral freeze and processing
  • Real-time frequency display
  • 7 individual FX: Focus, Feaze, Decay, Damping, Mirror, Pitch & Slope
  • Hot-swappable FX chain
  • Creative Presets for special FX and spectral shaping
  • Click-free bypass control
  • Input, Output level and Mix controls
  • Full PDF manual and tutorial video

Regular price $406.98 on sale for only $10.

Make Music Day Bundle

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