With 100 different reverbs, MeldaProduction “MTurboReverb” is 50% OFF

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With 100 different reverbs, MeldaProduction “MTurboReverb” is 50% OFF.



MTurboReverb is a revolutionary algorithmic reverb, which features about 100 superb sounding reverbs in a single plugin and even lets you design your own reverb algorithms.

It is quick, easy-to-use, perfect for mixing, mastering and creative production…

Algorithmic reverbs are usually based on a single algorithm.

But MTurboReverb comes up with a revolutionary programmable engine, where you can design your own algorithms, but most importantly about 100 of them have already been prepared for you, with a standardized GUI for extremely quick workflow and a short learning curve.

There is everything from rooms to halls, plates, ethereal and shimmering sounds, and 2D positioning reverbs.

Each of these reverbs feature all the necessary controls such as dry/wet or reverb length, but also more special ones, such as a dynamics section or side high-pass filter.

Switching between the reverbs is one click away, which tremendously speeds up your creative workflow.

Regular price $330 on sale for only $165.


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