The world’s best arpeggiator, Sample Logic “ANIMATION STATION” is released. Intro price 33% OFF

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The world’s best arpeggiator, Sample Logic “ANIMATION STATION” is released.

Intro price 33% OFF.



With its intelligent “Step Animator” engine, creating powerful MIDI arpeggiation patterns and step sequences has never been easier.

Play single notes, or chords and let ANIMATION STATION take your virtual instruments on a creative ride.

Play, edit and even export the MIDI data to use outside of the plugin.

ANIMATION STATION is the world’s most advanced, and most flexible arpeggiator and so much more.

Whether you need a quick and easy way to create memorable melodies, or you just want to glitch the night away, ANIMATION STATION is for you.

Take your favorite virtual instrument, synth, drum machine, sample library, or even vintage hardware, then add ANIMATION STATION as a MIDI effect – you’ll hear the incredible transformations instantly.

This plugin is designed to generate limitless musical phrases with minimal effort. Simply play a few notes and cycle through the presets to find your perfect motion.

For songwriting inspiration, try the melodic and chordal sequences, or drum machine style patterns for kicking your beats up a notch, or even glitchy stutters that would previously have taken forever to create using standard MIDI programming.

  • 300+ pattern presets
  • Create music sequences with ease for use with any virtual instrument plugin
  • Intelligent infinite pattern randomization and MIDI export for ultimate flexibility
  • Mac / PC MIDI effect instrument plugin
  • Independent virtual instrument engine for use in most major DAW platforms

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