Which bundled the tools needed to finish the track, W.A.Production “Independence Day Mastering Bundle” is 92% OFF

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Which bundled the tools needed to finish the track, W.A.Production “Independence Day Mastering Bundle” is 92% OFF.


Independence Day Mastering Bundle


Italian brothers, Alessandro & Andrea Vinai, are known for their hands-in-the-air Big Room EDM sound.

Now they finally bring their production talents and distinctive sound to the software realm, with this versatile compression plugin.

Over a year in development, this innovative collaboration with W. A. Production brings a piece of VINAI into your own studio.


Whether you’re mixing live sound, smoothing vocals or balancing solo instruments, Outlaw is the gain-riding plugin you’ve been looking for.

Outlaw listens to the incoming audio and compensates for volume changes, mimicking the mixing desk fader movement of a real-life audio engineer.

Forget about drawing complex volume automation and let Outlaw do the hard work for you, with smooth gain levelling and a wealth of features.MIX, TARGET, GATE & GAIN

Fundamental Bass

Bassline balancing has always been a big challenge for producers, especially at the mixing stage, as the dynamic range of low-end material can be huge.

If you leave bass lines as they are, then they’ll threaten to unbalance the rest of your mix, but apply compression too liberally and a lively bass sound will have the life sucked out of it. So what to do?

That’s where Fundamental Bass comes in, giving you a quick way to tighten up the dynamics of your low end whilst keeping the snap and sparkle of mids and highs. The processing is achieved with an adjustable frequency split which feeds to two separate modules for processing.

The low band features twin-compressors and imaging adjustment for clarity and mono compatibility. The high band compresses and adds grit, enhancing natural harmonics whilst keeping the bounce of the bass.


W. A. Production has created the perfect way to approach and achieve proper compression.

All producers know compression can either be an award-winning tool if used properly, or it can totally destroy your mix.

Audio students are introduced to compression and most are left confused or scared to death of it.

SphereComp is capable of catering to the seasoned pro and the beginner.

Regular price $177.8 on sale for only $14.9.

Independence Day Mastering Bundle

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