Featuring 3 of their most sought-after plugins of United Plugins, “United Plugins Bundle” is 80% OFF

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Featuring 3 of their most sought-after plugins of United Plugins, “United Plugins Bundle” is 80% OFF.


United Plugins Bundle

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The set includes three plug-ins: Royal Compressor, FirePresser, and Front DAW.

Royal Compressor

Inspired by a model of the classic British device from the Beatles era used on hundreds of record since the sixties Royal Compressor delivers true vintage analog sound and feel.

Pleasant saturation and sensitive compression is something every track really needs.


A secret trick to get natural yet powerful sounding compression is to use multiple compressors in series.

FirePresser offers you four of the most iconic analogue compressor emulations in a simple interface, which lets you blend all of them easily and get lush analogue compression to any material in no time.

Front DAW

The digital world with its clarity and accuracy lacks some vibe from the old times.

This is why English producer and remixer Greg Brimson, also United Plugins powered artist, approached us with his idea for a dream plugin.

‘Create a front door for every recording, and call it Front DAW, guys,’ said he, ‘so that every track would have a true analogue input.’

Thanks to him you can turn your DAW Mixer into a real Analogue Console.

  • Unique 3 Pack Collection
  • CPU Friendly
  • Realistic 3D yet flexible GUI
  • Smart bypass
  • 64-bit audio quality at ANY sampling rate
  • Available for Mac and PC (VST, AAX, AU)

Regular price $336 on sale for only $66.

United Plugins Bundle

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