A recreation of the much-loved 80’s Ensoniq ESQ-1, UVI “USQ-1 Digital-Analog Wave Synth” is 50% OFF

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A recreation of the much-loved 80’s Ensoniq ESQ-1, UVI “USQ-1 Digital-Analog Wave Synth” is 50% OFF.


USQ-1 Digital-Analog Wave Synth

USQ-1 comes with a bank of 400 presets to get you started but you can quickly and easily alter the provided sounds to suit your needs.

This is a synth suitable for everything from Basses to Leads to Pads to Arps to crazy Effects and more. All with a tasty 80’s vibe!

USQ-1 offers 268 selectable layers made from over 22,000 samples.

To showcase the sonic potential UVI included 400 all-new patches including everything from rich bells, strings and leads to thick basses, textured pads and modulating atmospheres.

  • MAIN PAGE & GLOBALS – On the main page, you can choose your two waves that form the basis of your patch as well as set their volume and pan positions. Volume and filter ADSR envelopes can be set for each wave here too.
  • EDIT PAGE – This section lets you control the stereo effect, which is either OFF, ALT or UNISON modes and has variable spread, detune and colour. You will also find the modwheel set up here as well as pitch and poly/mono settings.
  • MOD PAGE – This section consists of a variable step modulator and an LFO modulator which can be linked to the volume, filter depth and pitch of each oscillator in various combinations and with various varieties of variables.
  • FX PAGE – Unsurprisingly, this is the bit where you play with the effects. You get quality EQ, Drive, Thorus, Phasor, Delay and Sparkverb modules available with the basic controls you’d expect. Because who wants to listen to a dry synth? No one, that’s who.
  • ARP PAGE – Split right down the middle to accommodate the OSC-1 arp on the left and the OSC-2 on the right you will find a volume step sequencer for each along with direction controls.

Requires the free UVI Workstation version 2.6.15+, or Falcon version 1.4.1+.

Regular price $74.86 on sale for only $37.43.

USQ-1 Digital-Analog Wave Synth

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