Perfect bundle for all types of cinematic music composition, Sampletraxx “Cinematic Traxx Bundle” is 77% OFF

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Perfect bundle for all types of cinematic music composition, Sampletraxx “Cinematic Traxx Bundle” is 77% OFF.


Cinematic Traxx Bundle

This bundle features the following sample libraries from Sampletraxx: Monochrome (WAV only), Sanctuary (WAV only), Trumpet FX (WAV + Kontakt) and Vocal Shock (WAV + Kontakt).


Heavily processed ambient field recordings, short and long build-ups and transition, hits, slams, abstract foley fx, a vast selection of risers, cinematic kicks and hyper detailed impacts, found sounds patterns played in real time, then chopped and sculpted into percussive textures.


Sanctuary features designed e-bowed instruments, distant echoes, evolving larsens, infinite bendings, scattered sequences adding motion and dynamics with a distinctly raw sound character.

The results is a huge collection of complex patterns and sonic signatures which will bring a rough and gritty character to your music and sound design projects.


200+ stunning one shot samples recorded in exquisite detail featuring Single Notes, Powerful Clusters, Short Articulations, Phrases, Sweeps, Atmospheres, Air and Breaths, Distorted and Glitchy.

This is a dynamic library providing a vast array of colours and variations, exploring dozens of unexpected trumpet sounds spanning from realistic brass to a wide range of designed elements to help you create emotional and inspiring cinematic music and beyond.


180 designed male and female cinematic horror vocals and 100 dry vocal sources full of bone-chilling piercing screams, monsters, breath, demonic laughs, creepy and terrifying voices, evil whispers.

If you are into a darker style of music, Vocal Shocks is the ultimate vocal solution.

  • 3.88 Gb of content
  • 1060 WAV FILES

Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8. Kontakt Player NOT supported.

Regular price $216 on sale for only $49.

Cinematic Traxx Bundle

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