Efficient, fast, and making things sound great already from the start, FLUX:: “Evo Channel” is 67% OFF

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Efficient, fast, and making things sound great already from the start, FLUX:: “Evo Channel” is 67% OFF.


Evo Channel

The philosophy of the analog Channel Strip, the essential element of all analog consoles, is about being efficient, fast, and making things sound great already from the start.

“Evo Channel” is designed to be as efficient, fast and hands-on, adding the advantages of creative digital innovation in terms of workflow and sound, providing everything you need to stay in control of your sound!

  • An adaptable module-based design that allows free movement of channel strip modules into any order.
  • An optimized Spectrum Analyzer derived from Flux’s acclaimed “Pure Analyzer” software. It offers a truly accurate overview of the frequency range.
  • “Drive”, a Soft Saturation module that simply adds analog warmth to your audio tracks.
  • A Flux designed Linear Phase correction tool with zero latency.
  • A proprietary “State-Space” technology Parametric EQ and filters that have been carefully tuned to preserve optimal signal to noise ratio independently from parameter settings.
  • A “multi-mode” Compressor taken from the acclaimed Flux:: “Pure Compressor’s” engine. It offers 9 types of compressors in a single module (Start, Kick/Snare, Overhead, Drum Bus, Bass, Acoustic, Piano, Vocal, and Mix). Moreover it offers a unique auto adaptable release control as well as parallel wet/dry features and other useful parameter adjustments.
  • “Touch”, a multi-tool module defined by 7 specific modes such as: Transient Boost, Transient Kill, Sustain Boost, Sustain Kill, DeEsser 1, DeEsser 2, and Expander. Each of the 7 modes obviously act on a specific frequency range of the incoming audio signal.
  • Dolby Atmos and Ambisonic support with up to third order 16 channel. High-Resolution DXD Audio with sampling rates up to 384 kHz is supported.
  • Memory location store and recall for input and output gain controls and all parameter knobs for quick access level and value changes.
  • 50 useful Factory presets included from Yves Jaget.

In order to use the software, an user account is required (the iLok USB Smart Key is not required).

Regular price $142.91 on sale for only $47.64.

Evo Channel

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