Drum sampler plug-in with innovative AI technology, accusonus “Rhythmiq” is 30% OFF

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Drum sampler plug-in with innovative AI technology, accusonus “Rhythmiq” is 30% OFF.



Instantly jam with your stems

Jam with your beats like never before. Get unlimited beat variations with the turn of a single knob. Generate and save new Rhythmiq patterns and create breaks and build-ups. Enable your A.I. Beat Assistant and let Rhythmiq perform your beats in real-time, like you were jamming with a human band-mate.

Meet your Beat Assistant

Your new “virtual electronic drummer” analyzes your beats and introduces nuanced micro-variations or musical, evolving changes. This will allow to focus on other parts of your music while your beat is organically evolving.

Fine-tune Rhythmiq’s A.I. in real-time

Although it uses ground-breaking A.I. technology, Rhythmiq is still controlled by you. Decide how much density, space and variation you need. Experience the new way to perform your beats and find inspiration.

Save and Launch beat variations, always in sync

Generate breaks, fills and build-ups from your beats or layered stems and save them without stopping the music. Stay-in-the flow while you transform your beats into a performance. Use your hardware controller to shape your sequences and manipulate your beats. Use Rhythmiq’s arrange, reverse and silence functions to perform your stems live or to jam in the studio.

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