Sick horror and suspense series with 8,753 unique sounds, Soundiron “Sick 7” is 50% OFF

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Sick horror and suspense series with 8,753 unique sounds, Soundiron “Sick 7” is 50% OFF.


Sick 7

With 8,753 unique sounds, Sick 7: Voices of the Dead is a true beast!

This final volume in our Sick horror and suspense series ties it all together with a brand new tool chest of creature and human combat voices, eerie industrial percussion and a fresh supply of atmospheric horror and suspense sound design elements.

This huge collection features 6 unique creatures and 5 classic human NPC (“Non-Player Character”) voice over sound-banks, organised into 38 important gameplay event categories, each including a wide variety of alternate round-robin takes and style variations to choose from.

It’s got everything you need, including screams, chokes, falls, get-hits, growls, breaths, jumps, laughs and much more. Whether you’ve got a litch king miniboss that needs to fearsome hiss or a few red-shirts ready to report for interstellar cannon-fodder duty, we’ve got you covered.

They’re perfect for instant plug-and-play use in horror and action video games, films, ads and animation, and as high-fidelity source wavs, as source material for your own sound-designed creations.

The full retail version of Native Instruments Kontakt version 5.5 (or later) is required.

Regular price $69 on sale for only $34.

Sick 7

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