The creative adaptive dynamics processor, FLUX:: “Syrah V3” is released. Intro price 45% OFF

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The creative adaptive dynamics processor, FLUX:: “Syrah V3” is released. Intro price 45% OFF.


Syrah V3

Our intention, to create a versatile truly musical and creative dynamics processor, without a complicated user interface, resulted in Syrah – A new generation dynamics processor utilizing real time dynamic detection and level-dependent processing, making it automatically adapt to the music and to the beat of the audio material. 

  • Up to 8 channels Input/Output
  • Input/Output gain controls for adjusting the levels before and after processing
  • Dry Mix control (Dry/Wet with optional gain compensation) allows for parallel processing or for blending some of the original “peak” into the processed signal.
  • Mode setting to define how the adaptive dynamics algorithm attempts to adapt the processing.
  • Boost setting for increasing the entire processing intensity, straightforwardly described – More of everything
  • Thickness fattens up the processed material by enhancing the low level frequencies
  • Inverse setting which inverts the final gain envelope offering particularly effect-full processing in a true “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” kind of way
  • M/S Width for controlling the stereo width of the processed signal
  • Discrete peak limiter at the very last stage of the processing chain rounding off the peaks in a smooth and musically fashion
  • True bypass control routing the incoming signal direct to the output for a smooth transition between clean and processed signal

Regular price $89 on sale for only $49.

Syrah V3

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